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Hamburger Hill located at our North Location

Store at Paintball Zone North

We have a full service Paintball Store at our North Location, we carry Paintball Masks, a full line of Paintball Guns, Jerseys, Pants, Packs, Hoppers and Elbow/Knee Pads, plus much more.


Paintball Marker Upgrades and Service

When you buy Marker upgrades from Paintball Zone, we will install all your upgrades at no extra charge. We carry upgraded Boards

for various Markers as well as Upgrade parts for Tippmann and Tacamo.


Service includes

Disassembly, checking parts for wear, replacing damaged

o-rings, re-greasing moving parts, reassembly, and chronoing.

Any additional parts needed are sold separately.


Price for Mechanical Markers $25 + Additional Parts

Price for Electronic Markers $35 + Additional Parts

We no longer work on Autocockers due to parts not being readily available.


Hydrostatic Tank Testing HPA Tanks

Paintball Zone offers Hydrostatic Testing for those customers needing to retest their High Pressure Tanks when they expire. Price includes removal and reinstallation of tank regulator. We will usually have your tank back to you in two weeks.  Price- $45


If there is merchandise that you need that our South location does not have, we will pick it up from the North Field and have it at our South Location the next day.







©2004 Paintball Zone. Paintball Houston, All Rights Reserved.